Important publications for the guitar.

Op. 1: Six piéces pour la guitarre (C.C. Lose, 1832)
Op. 2: Deux polonaises (Lose & Olsen, 1836)
Op. 3: Petit lecons progressives (Lose & Olsen, 1837)
Op. 4: Quatre solo (Lose & Olsen, 1838)
- - (with F. Rung): Albumblade, 1-2 (50 small pieces for guitar) (Wilhelm Hansen, 1898)
- - : 2 Guitar Terzetter (Wilhelm Hansen, 1910)
The year after his death his Romancer og Sange were published in two volumes by C.C. Lose (Copenhagen, 1872). Their popularity is shown by the fact that thirty years later a selection, Folke-Udgave af Rungs Romancer og Sange i Udvalg was issued by Wilhelm Hansen (Copenhagen, [1903]). In addition, many songs, much chamber music and works for solo instruments remain in manuscript in the "Henrik and Frederik Rung Music Archive" in the Royal Library in Copenhagen, which is said to occupy c. 20 shelf-metres and is still not completely catalogued.

In my opinion, Rung was one of our great national composers and guitar virtuosos and that which may strike us as peculiar about his work today is due to our own ignorance and lack of imagination. By all accounts he was an extraordinary musical talent. The view of musical history that would claim that everything is better and more highly developed in our own time, I consider to be mistaken. It is true that there has been a significant rise in the general level of musical performance but at the highest level it remains unchanged, to judge from the historical evidence, such as piano rolls and contemporary reviews, that is still available to us. Taste and style are the only things that are actually subject to change.


A Drawning by the Danish Painter Marstand

Henrik Rung  (1807-1871), article