Henrik Rung - Fernando Sor




To set Henrik Rung´s works for guitar in perspective it would seem relevant to compare them to the music of Fernando Sor.
Like Sor, Rung emerged from a very classical background;

like Sor, Rung had a strictly classical approach to composing for the guitar;
like Sor, Rung was known in his time as a great virtuoso on the guitar;
like Sor, Rung was a successful composer for the theatre, as well for the guitar;
like Sor, Henrik Rung had a well-developed melodic sense and was an admirer of the Italian style
and, like Sor, he takes his compositional point of departure in the simple chorale with correct and consistent voice-leading - sometimes at the cost of the idiomatic possibilities of the guitar.

Henrik Rung (1807-1871), article