Sangmester : The head of the opera department at the Royal Theatre. His work includes teaching, instructing and conducting.
Gade : A Danish family of instrument makers and musicians. Best-known for their pianos and guitars are Jens Nielsen Gade and his brother Soren Nielsen Gade, who was the father of Niels Wilhelm Gade (1817-90), the most important Danish composer in the second half of the 19th century.
C.E.F.Weyse (1774-1842): An important figure in Danish musical life in the first half of the 19th century. He was born in Altona, in the formerly Danish Slesvig-Holstein (now in north Germany), and came to Copenhagen in 1789. He is most famous as a composer, but he was also much admired as a pianist and organist. Franz Liszt wrote with deep admiration in Revue Musicale (1840) about his organ improvisations.
Frederik Kuhlau (1786-1832) a German composer based in Denmark. He was a good friend of L.V. Beethoven. His opera Elverhoj is one of the main national treasures.

Henrik Rung  (1807-1871), article