Jens Bang-Rasmussen has specialized in the Early Romantic Period of the
guitar repertoire. His focus is the Danish national Composer and Guitarist
Henrik Rung(1807-71)
His solo concerts take a focus on the repertoire from the Early Romantic Period
Jens Bang-Rasmussen offer solo concerts, chamber concerts and guitar/voice
recitals with preeminent Danish and International Performers.

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Solo concert.
A repertoire with a range from Renaissance to contemporary music

Violin and guitar.
Sergei Azizjan and Jens Bang-Rasmussen.
Giuliani, Sor, Ibert, Rung

Quire and guitar.
Musica Ficta, Bo Holten and Jens Bang-Rasmussen.
Mainly operas by Henrik Rung.

Violin, Viola and guitar.
Lous Glass, Henrik Rung, L. V. Beethoven.

Voice and guitar.
Lars Todberg Bertelsen and Jens Bang-Rasmussen.
Dowland, Sor, Rung, Schubert

Cello and guitar.
John Ehde and Jens Bang-Rasmussen.
Schubert, Sibelius

Parts of A. Bournonvilles ballets.
For guitar and ballet dancer

Organ and guitar.
Baroque and renaissance music

Where no musicians is mentioned I usually play with musicians from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra or the Danish Radio Orchestra