Future plans and most important concerts.

April 11th Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall

October 31 Ansgar Kirke Flensborg Spil Dansk Dagen. With singer Lars Thodberg Bertelsen
October 18. Solo Concert Bolivar Hall in London
September 22. solo concert at Broholm Castle
August 29 Noric colors release concert in Oslo Norway
August 11. Solo Concert Pakhuset, Nykøbing
August 3. solo concert Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen
july 26. Solo concert in Berlin
July 23 Solo concert at Sønderborg Castle, guitar and Baroque guitar
Juli 4 Concert in Skælskør music festival with singer Lars Thodberg Bertelsen
april. Concert in sweeden, Noridc Colors
April 11. Solo concertHarstad kulturhus
Feb. Ilios festival three concerts
Tedesco for Choir and guitar

Her Majesty the Queen of Denmarks birthday and concerts in Denmark
Tour to China, Japan, USA and France

Concerts in Greenland and Denmark

January 25. Solo concert Lillerød Kirke (DK)
February 28. Concert and Master class in Sofia (Bul)
Arpil 16. Small performance in Slagelse (DK)
Sep. 13 concert in Struer – Duo Nordic Colors (DK)
Sep. 14 concert in Ringkøbing – Duo Nordic Colors (DK)
Sep. 27 Solo concert at Næsseslottet (DK)

March 13. Concert Struer (DK) with singer Lars Thodberg Bertelsen and Balletdancer Karina Elver
April 10-11. Concert and master class, Nordic Colors, cello and guitar at University of Duluth (US)
Arpil 16. Manhattan School of Music, a small introduction to nordic nineteenth century guitar tradition at (US)
June 26. Concert in Florence (It)
October tour to Japan and Thailand
November 15. concert in Hendriksholm Church (DK)
November 23. Solo recital Næsseslottet (DK)

Mar. 9 Duo concert with violinist Ralitsa Tcholakova Rundetaarn (DK)
Mar. 10 Duo concert with violinist Ralitsa Tcholakova Café Hack, Århus (DK)
Mar. 11 Duo concert with violinist Ralitsa Tcholakova Valsølille (DK)
Apr. 28 Duo concert with violinist Ralitsa Tcholakova Ottawa (Canada)
May 1 Duo Concert in Ottawa (Danish Embassy)(Canada)
May 2 Master class in Calgary (Canada)
May 3 Solo Concert in Calgary (Canada)
May 4 Duo Concert in Toronto (Danish Church) (Canada)
May 6 Duo Concert in Ottawa(Canada)
Aug. 29 Solo Concert and Master Class Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
Aug./Sep. Tour to Australia
Sep. 23 Solo recital Næsseslottet (DK)
Sep 30 Duo concert with Lars Thodberg Bertelsen, Amager music festival, Højdevangs Church (Denmark)

Jan. Three new editions on the online division of Tecla Editions
Jan. 22 Concert with ballet dancer at Statens Museum for Kunst (DK)
Mar. 3 Master Class at Bilkent University (Turkey)
Mar. 4 Concert in M.E.T.U Guitar Festival in Ankara (Turkey)
Mar. 6 Master Class in M.E.T.U. Festival (Turkey)
Apr. 6 Concert, voice and guitar “Dichter Liebe” Struer (DK)
Jul. Ordu Guitar Festival (Turkey). (Guest of honor)
Sep. 3 Solo concert on Næsseslottet (DK)
Sep. 6 Chamber concert, cello and guitar Sundby Church (DK)
Nov. 26 Solo concert Frederiks Bastion (DK)

Jan. 1 solo recital in Lynge (DK)
Jan 23. Chamber recital in Hans Egedes Church (DK)
Apr. 25-26 Recording session with Japanese Star Yuki Murakami
May 31 Chamber Concert i Stockhokm (S)
Jul. Ordu Guitar Festival (Turkey)
Sep-Oct Tour to Japan
Oct. 12 Solo Concert in Himmelev Church (DK)
Oct. 16 Chamber concert in Helsingborg (S)
Nov. Master class and concert in Sofia, (Bulgaria)

Mar. 25 National University of Ireland, Galway
Mar. 28 The Hugh Lane Gallery of Modern Art, Dublin
June 28 concert in Faarervejle Church
Sep. New CD release
Sep. Concert and Lecture in Stuer Musicfestival
Oct. Tour to Japan

Jan. 19 Concert in Copenhagen
Jan. Concert tour to Kenya, Nairobi
Aprtil-November Recording project Early Romantic Sonatas
Sep. Solo concert in Gendai Guitar, Small Hall
and concerts in the Tokyo area.
Nov. 2 Solo concert in Struer (DK)
Nov. 4 Solo concert in Hobro (DK)

Mar. Publiced a new edition of works by S. Degen on
April. Concert in Ringsted (Skt. Bendts Church)
May 16. Solo concert in Copenhagen
Aug. 8 Solo concert in Strib (DK)
Sept. 19 Concert in Lynge (DK)
Nov. 27 Chamber concert on the Danish Radio

Mar.19 Concert with Violinist Sergey Azizjan
July 15-18 Chamber and Solo Concerts in Krakow (PL)
Nov.13 Concert in Florens (I). Syracuse University

Jan.1 Millennium Concert(DK).
Jun.15 Concert in Reykjavik with the Icelandic Cellist Gunnar Kvaran (IS).
Sept.22 Solo Concert in Warsaw (Polen)
Oct.12 Solo Recital at Szczecin, Castle of the Pomeranian Dukes (Polen)
Nov. 27 – Dec. 3 Guitar in Russia, (Voronezh)
Concert and master class, member of the board of Judges
at the Voronezh guitar festival/competition

Jan.3 Small performance in New York.
Feb.25 (England) Kirk Gate Center in Cockermouth.
Feb.26 Necton Church Norfolk, East Anglia (Kings Lynn Festival).
Feb.27 Devon Barnstable.
Jun 22 small performance in St Stefans Church (DK).
Aug.1 Performance with singer Lars Todberg Bertelsen.
Gl. Holtegaard (DK).
Sep.2 Master Class in Tandil (Arg).
Sep.3 Solo Concert in Tandil.
Sep.4 Solo Concert in Necochea (Arg).
Sep.8 Solo Concert in La Paz (Bol)
Sep.9-10 Master class in la Paz.
Sep. 13 Solo Concert Sucre (Bol).
Sep.21 Solo Concert in Teatro Colon Buenos Aires (Arg).
Dec.5 Japan, Palacio De La Guitarre.
Dec.5-16 Solo Recitals in the Tokyo Area.

Feb.98 Duo concert in Herning(DK).
Feb.98 Trio concert in Brande(DK).
Mar.98 Solo Performance in Bruxelles.
Mar.98 Solo Performance in Paris.
May.98 Solo Performance in reykjavik(IS).
Jun.98 Solo Performance in Denmark.
Jul.98 Duo Performance at Esrum Kloster(DK).
Aug.18.98 Two minutes portrait in the nine o´clock news on
Danish National Television. Right after Clintons confession.
This includes a presentations of my first CD.
Sep.98 Solo Performance in Svendborg(DK).
Nov.3 and 4 Concert and Master Class in Sofia Bulgaria.
Nov.10 Solo Performance in Falkoner Centret (DK).
Nov.12 Solo Performance in Herning Kongrescenter(DK).

Jan.97 3 Performances in New York.
Feb.97 1 Performance in Copenhagen only Per Norgaard (contemporary).
Apr.97 1 Performances in Hamburg (Margrete the seconds birthday).
One in Denmark(frederiksborg slot).
May.97 Master Class and Concert in Sofia(16-18 may).
Jun.97 Concert in Sarah Lawrence Guitar Institute New york.
Aug.97 Concert in ST.MARTIN-IN -THE-FIELDS.(GB).
Concert in Kings Lynn Festival(GB).