Chrysillis a Baroque Recital

Chrysillis a Baroque Recital (CDK 1156)

CDK1156Nordic Colors and Guests

Lars Thodberg Bertelsen – Baitone
Viggo Mangor – Baroque Organ

John Ehde – Cello
Jens Bang-Rasmussen – Guitar, Baroque Guitar
A baroque recital with highlights from the Baroque in Denmark, Germany and Italy.

Chrysillis is a very great baroque love poem by Thomas Hansen Kingo (1643-1703). Kingo addressed this poem to his first wife. She was the widow of the his predecessor. Her name was Sille Balkenborg. The poem has 16 verses in the original form. This version contains four of the original sixteen verses.
Another great Danish baroque poet was H. A. Brorson (1694-1764). He was an active performer on the baroque guitar. In this case the very intimate qualities of baroque guitar manages to highlight a special poetic and musical quality to be found in Brorsons poetry.
The sonata for baroque guitar and bass voice by Schickhardt is taken from a music collection of 12 sonatas, written down by guitarmester Johan Friederich Fibiger (1680-1738). The sonata is probably written for baroque guitar by Schickhardt himself. Schickhardt might have been an employee at the court of his Royal Highness Frederick IV (1671-1730) in Copenhagen.
Vivaldi’s sonata for cello RV 40 on this CD is a very rare and intimate version for cello and baroque guitar.

This CD was recorded and produced with very few takes and cuts in order to pass on an authentic concert experience to the listener.

On this CD

Lyrics – Thomas Hansen Kingo (1643-1703)
Music – Gabriel Voigtländer (1596-1643)
Chrysillis 05:12
Baritone, Cello, Baroque guitar and Organ

Johann Christian Schickhardt (1682 – 1762)
Preludio 00:59
Allegro 01:44
Cantabile 02:30
Aria 01.28
Cello and guitar

Lyrics – Hans Adolph Brorson (1694-1764), Music – Johan Anastasius Freylinghausen 1714
Vor Jesus kan ej noget Herberg finde 02:51
Baritone, Cello, Baroque guitar and Organ

Lyrics – Hans Adolph Brorson (1694-1764, Music – Pontoppidans Salmebog 1742
Op! thi dagen nu frembryder 03:28
Baritone, Cello, Baroque guitar and Organ

Johan Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) BWV 996
Praeludio 02:43
Allemande 02:18
Courante 02:23
Sarabande 03:35
Bourrée 01:09
Gigue 03:18
Solo Guitar

Antonio L. Vivaldi (1678-1741) RV 40
Largo 03:19
Allegro 03:13
Largo 02:51
Allegro 02:00
Cello and Baroque guitar

Johan Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) BWV 996
Prélude 02:13
Allemande 03:56
Courante 02:49
Sarabande 02:17
Minuett I & II 03:33
Gigue 01:38
Solo Cello

From Søren Terkelsens Astree Sjungo Chor 1648-54
Hylas vill intet giffte sig 03:01
Druckenskabs oc Vinens sælsomme Virckelse – En Dricke -Vise 02:22
Baritone, Cello and Baroque guitar