Ballet and guitar

Choreography in August Bournonvilles ballet tradition meets the guitar repertoire
Henrik Rung (1807-1871)

Fernando Sor (1778-1839)
(Adagio from op. 22)

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  1. They are created using the “Halo” option in Blender Internal’s Spotlights and then combined with the image from Cycles.Quote from the post: “The main renders come right out of Cycles, but halos and smoke could only be achieved by linking the scene to Blender internal”

  2. My favourite is the tool box for the books…love that!! One of the great organizing tips I am using, as of late, is a cereal container for a trash can in the van….works great! I also use recycled tin cans, painted funky colors, to hold craft item such as scissors and markers. I LOVE organization!

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